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Pressure Testing Unit

Pressure and Leak Testing
Some of the applications we have handled:

  • Hydrotest BOPs (blowout preventers)

  • Hydrotest valves to API (American Petroleum Industry) standards using either water or nitrogen

  • Leak test piping using helium and nitrogen

  • Testing all types of iron used under pressure in the oil industry. Includes piping, accumulators and valves used in fracing, mud injection and cementing equipment.

  • Pressure, leak and functional testing of aircraft hydraulic systems

  • Pressure testing aircraft fuselages

  • Pressure testing aircraft hydraulic valves and other components

  • Pressure testing hose and hose assemblies

  • Leak testing fuel tanks for automobiles, trucks and mobile equipment

  • Pressure and leak testing plumbing pipe, tubing and fixtures

High Pressure Non-testing Applications

  • Methanol/chemical injection

  • Down hole tool actuation

  • Operation of emergency shut down devices

  • Supply of barrier gas in dry seal systems on process pumps

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